Running to Your Arms

talk to me. i'm lonely   i am ready to receive your artwork and inspirations   Manika * 16 * USA * Romans 1: 16 * Severe depression and extreme anxiety and paranoia *  Used to self harm * God Bless Troyler * #DFTBA * 

things we don’t say (sincerely) enough


  • thank you for trusting me.
  • i’m proud of you.
  • i admire you.
  • i forgive you.
  • i understand.
  • thank you.
  • i’m praying for you.
  • i care. 
  • i’m okay.
  • i love you.
  • i’m sorry.

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Time to open up some commissions! I’ll only be taking three for now. The paypal/USD prices are listen on each example, but they’re flexible! If you’re interested, please email me at If you’re more interested in a Warcraft gold commission, just add a “k” to each of those prices— that’s right! 7,000g, 10,000g, etc. As with the paypal prices, these are somewhat flexible. 

do not, however, draw the following:

  • worgen, pandaren, tauren, or other furries
  • not safe for work art
  • mecha

can draw heavy armour, but I may charge you extra/it may take a bit longer. 

If you can’t commission me at this time, a signal boost would be greatly appreciated! Having money of my own that my dad can’t get to is kinda important to me, as he tends to just… take it. Even if it’s only a little bit of money, I’d really love you guys for commissioning me. 

If you can’t pay with real money and play WoW, gold commissions are actually super great, too! It allows me to get more samples for commissions while getting you some great art.(: I accept gold on WrA, MG, and Emerald Dream. 

There are still slots open.

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A friend often says I’m an old man in a young man’s husk. I like that. I am old-fashioned in some ways.

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How to Seduce Every Zodiac Sign →

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